Friday, January 4, 2013

Time To Wave Good-bye

As is typical this time of year there are plenty of post in the Blogsphere about saying good-bye to the old year and starting fresh in the New Year.   So I figured it was time to do something I have been contemplating for months but yet hesitant to pull the trigger on.  It is time to say good bye to this blog and this space and move on.

I've been blogging here for almost six years.  It started as a Bike Blog and I worked hard to keep it that way although other aspects of my life have crept in over the years especially as I began to race less.  When I began to pursue single motherhood I started a second blog to chronicle that journey.

One of the biggest challenges has been balancing my life as a mother and as an avid cyclist.  This conflict mainly plays out in my own mind.  I love being a mother and wouldn't trade it for the world.  But I miss the amount of time I use to spend in the woods on my bike.  I miss being an athlete and having an athletic body.  Right now I feel soft and out of shape.

One of the reasons I held onto this blog was to hold onto the illusion that hoping on my bike and winning a race was immanent, instead of something that is possibly years away.

Attempting to maintain two personas both in life and in the blogshere just perpetuates the conflict playing out in my mind.  So I've decided to keep only one blog.  I am a mother and I am cyclist.  I'm also a crafter, once upon a time I kept a craft blog, too.  Rather than attempting to keep all of the parts of my life separate I'm going to attempt to integrate my life and my blog.

One life, one blog.  I'm only moving everything to the other blog because I have been more active over there as of late.  Having one blog will also make it easier to be a blogger.  Have a blog about bikes and having a blog about baby left a lot of holes for all that other stuff in my life that didn't fit on either blog.

I hope you'll make the move with me.  Sure you might have to tolerate posts about sleep schedules and teething.  And my mommy blogger friend will have to tolerate discussions of bike builds and training plans. This blog's archives will remain. You can still come here to see the old posts. As soon as I have some time and a working computer I will try to integrate them better. I have reading lists on both that I want to keep, so it might be sometime before I'm officially done here. But this will be the last new post.

The URL for the new blog is

In the future I won't have to wonder where to post things like this...

My cute baby on a bike! (she's even wearing helmet ear covers that I made)